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What mends first? A shattered heart or a broken mind? 


What began as a series of misunderstandings catapults into urgent need, as Gin finds herself forced to make an impossible choice, staying faithful to memories of the past or living for the future. 

I’m not who I used to be.

Losing them turned me into someone I don’t even recognize. I’m not even sure I want to know that person.

So I ran.

But that was just a change in longitude and latitude.

When I met Roman, my insides were a twisted, decayed, knife-edged thing I was sure no one would ever want.

But he took every crushed bit of it and demanded more.

He’s as scarred on the outside as I am on the inside, but somehow, we fit together like two jagged pieces of the same fractured puzzle. Our tortured pasts brought us together—then ripped us apart.

Falling for him was inevitable. So was losing him.

Girl meets boy, girl loses boy, but maybe…girl gets nothing at the end.

Happily ever after just isn’t meant for people like me…right?

Gin’s Tonic is a steamy, angsty, mature, small town romance featuring a Chinese-American heroine who is stronger than she knows. This is the story of a perfectly imperfect woman and the tall-dark-and-brooding hero who proves to her that love after loss is possible.

Please note: Gin’s Tonic contains sensitive material such as uncensored adult language, explicit content, and thoughts of self-harm after extreme loss. READER DISCRETION ADVISED.

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