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Roman's Epilogue

My Thoughts

I don’t often hesitate when I decide on a course of action. (I’m a barrel through all obstacles and check for injuries afterwards kind of woman.) With the trend in Romance right now as predominantly dual POV, the story told in the voice of both the hero and heroine, my resolve to write only in Gin’s POV had been shaken after suggestions from critique partners. So I did what all sane new authors wanting to be successful would do, I started writing some scenes in Roman’s voice.

It didn’t sit well with me. I wanted—no needed to stay loyal to my girl Gin. It’s her story, after all...

In life, we don’t get every tidbit and that translates into the story. We only see the story from Gin, because most of the times we live in our own thoughts, weaving through assumptions, facts, and reality. I love Roman deeply, obsessed with him actually, but I especially love how he’s able to show emotions without one word.

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